About Us

Vannevar Research & Associates (VVRA) was founded in Oklahoma City, OK in 2002 as an IT subcontracting/consulting firm.  At the start of 2005, after watching several mid-sized IT companies fail, VVRA began to expand and directly contract to private companies and state agencies.  In 2006, VVRA headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and began providing services to the two biggest cities in the state.

For nearly a decade, we have provided top-notch computer and network engineering to our clients, without the overhead of the traditional IT company model.  We are not profit oriented - we are success oriented.  Our goal has always been and will continue to be transparent IT - technology that works and works for you.  VVRA provides the absolute best service and solutions to our clients, without company double-speak or bureaucracy.  
We like things simple and we make them that way.  IT by true professionals - done and done well.

...there are no rules here,
we are trying to accomplish something.
                                         -- Thomas Edison

We offer computer services for everyone! 

Home user to corporation, you will receive the 3 C's: courtesy, competency, and consistency.

Our Services

  • Infrastructure: Network implementation (including Wi-Fi), maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Database: Modeling and construction (i.e. design and development) and implementation
  • Websites: Planning, creation, and hosting
  • Security: From penetration testing to forensics
  • Graphics: Logo and graphical design, as well the copy for printed materials
  • Training:  Design, development, and delivery of technical training
  • Support: Complete support for companies, SOHOs, and the home user

Principal Consultants

With 35+ combined years' experience in information technology, our two main consultants have  diverse IT skills. VVRA's IT knowledge includes high-end NOS and server hardware, security analysis, penetration testing, data recovery, network-mainframe connectivity, firewalls, VPNs, and LAN/WAN internetworking and also database design, web and graphic design, instruction, and computer support garnered from decades in multi-vendor, multi-OS environments.


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